Read this book! It will tell you everything you need to know about the meat industry!


På svenska: "Äta djur". Finns att låna på biblioteket!

The book will inform you of what you don't know and maybe what you're trying to avoid knowing. But it's time to face the truth, and stop ignoring these important facts.


From the book "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer:

"Cattle are herded onto trucks or trains and face a journey up to 48 hours, during which they are deprived of water and food. A number of the animals will die or arrive at the slaughterhouse to sick. Nobody outside the industry can get near the inside of a large slaughter facility.


Virtually all of the time one's choice is between cruelty and ecological destruction, and ceasing to eat meat. Temple Grandin conducted an industry wide audit in 1996 (in the USA) -her studies revealed that a vast majority of cattle slaughterhouses were unable to regularly render cattle unconscious with a single blow of the stun operator, which means these animals require multiple knocks, they remain conscious during the killing process or they wake up in processing."


This is only one if the examples. In chicken and pig slaughterhouses it's often even worse. The workers have become so sadistic from killing all day long that they hit the animals with metal poles (on their backs, in a pregnant sews belly etc.), stomp on them and shove metal bars up a pigs anus or vagina.


They usually don't care if a cow, swine or chicken is concious during scolding or when they peel the skin of them, or cut them in their flesh. Imagine the parilyzed eyes of an animal who is aware of the cruelty and pain being done to them.

Stop the dolphin slaughter!


If you haven't seen the film "The Cove", see it!

Japan is trying so hard not to let people know what's going on and how they abuse and torture kill dolphins. This film manages to get candid footage of the disgusting events taking place at one of these places, this bay is called the Cove.


Each year, in the tiny fishing village of Taiji, Japan, as many as 20,000 dolphins are inhumanely killed in the single largest dolphin slaughter in the world. The dead dolphins are sold as food, despite the fact that dolphin meat contains high levels of mercury. The Japanese government must stop this senseless and cruel killing of this intelligent and beloved creature.

This film is a "Walt Disney version" of the truth (because it doesn't show the worst footage etc.), but it's a good and easy way to get a glimpse at the despicable food industry.

It reaches out to those who can't handle too many of those videos with sick and miserable animals, and need a bit nicer version of it. See it!,_Inc.




- Jenny Hutton Brissman