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Avoid palm oil, and remember they try confusing the consumer by having many names for it...

Be a part of the solution!

"If contributing to the suffering of billions of animals that live miserable in horrific ways isn't motivating, if being the no. 1 contributor to the most serious threat facing the planet (global warming) isn't enough -then what is?

If you put of these questions of concience to say "not now" -then when?

If you find it too hard to become vegetarian, at least buy the meat at a local farm, so you know thay've had a better life than most of the meat you find at the markets. This is the reality, not some happy farms that you have in mind.

AniAmore, i samarbete med Renommé Eventpersonal -bemanning av personal på mässor, konferenser, företagsfester, invigningar, bröllop, demos och event.


Renommé Eventpersonal ställer alltid 2 krav på sina kunder: Det ska vara vegetariskt om det gäller mat och INTE testat på djur när det gäller hud- och sminkprodukter.

För att se vilka varumärken de jobbat med, se hemsidan:




- Jenny Hutton