Think before you buy...


 July 2012


Petition to Adidas:

Please sign this petition if you want adidas to stop using kangaroo skin for their shoes. Personally I think they should stop using any animal skin, but one step at a time...


Stop using kangaroo leather!

Bears have their teeth and claws removed, are tethered to a post and are subjected to repeated assaults by dogs until it dies. Without teeth or claws, the bear cannot defend itself and is tormented simply for entertainment. It is illegal in every civilized country except Pakistan and the United States of America
Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC...

Sign a petition against the Idaho State Legislature, that has recently passed a law that ranchers can now use domestic dogs as live bait in order to lure wolves into their pastures.


Using dogs as bait will allow the ranchers to kill the wolves which are supposedly threatening their livestock. Domestic dogs are not the only animals which could be used as bait—sheep and goats could be used as well. Using these creatures as bait also exposes them to intense psychological trauma. It is entirely possible that the animals could die from stress before a wolf even comes near them.


The law also has devastating consequences for the wolves. This species was just taken off the endangered species list in December 2011, because the North American population was on the road to recovery. Allowing ranchers to kill wolves will cause the numbers to drop drastically once again.


The law also allows the ranchers to use specialized technology in order to kill the wolves. Night vision goggles can be used to track the animals, and airplanes can be used to shoot the wolves from above. This law endangers the lives of both domestic and wild animals.


Tell the Idaho State Legislature that this law legalizes cruelty to domestic animals and will send the North American wolf population back to the brink of extinction.