Please contact me if you're interested in any of these animals, I can give you more info, contact details and help you out.

The 2 sisters Socks and Blondie, in their kennel, they’re 1 year old, healthy and amazing dogs -both looks and personality :) their owners just went back to their country one day and dumped them on Lisa. Socks is light brown and white and Blondie is light beige. They are nice to everybody and loves to cuddle. They have so much energy, could run all day long! If you want these beautiful dogs (or just one), I know everything you have to do to bring them over to Europe without quaranteen! Let me know
“Dom” was found scared to death under a table at a restaurant at new years eve. He had been “painted with cement” to look like a skunk and had been hit with a hammer in the head -she was supposed to be their dinner but managed to escape. She is now being medicated because of her distemper (a common disease in Asia) and is feeling a bit depressed since she still has a bit of a fever, pus in her eyes and some fur missing from where she has been hit. She will be healthy soon and really needs a new home! If you or anyone you know is interested -please let me know! She is really intelligent and doesn’t hurt a fly! I give her tablets every day and she is so sweet! Not a good photo of her but she kept moving around...
"Socks"! A wonderful dog in Thailand. She and her sister "Blondie" are looking for someone who can take care of them. They are obbidient, healthy and beautiful!