Volunteer work

Helping out as a veterinary assistant at

Koh Chang Animal project.


Here are some of the cats, one has only three legs after an amputation, one is autistic and is also deaf. Today Lisa, the vet., did a complicated surgery which I assisted, then we've done a couple of check ups, the weekly chemo therapie on a dog with cancer and the cleaning and feeding.


The street cats and dogs are very lucky to have Lisa on the Island, helping them. But she runs solely on donations, so don't hesitate to visit her web page!



Super cute Bee has cancer and has to get chemotherapy every week. We go for walks every day and she is so delicate and nice.

Bee, just after beeing injected with pre med. before her sterilization and she is starting to feel a bit sleepy...

The third sterilization operation I’ve assisted, I have just taken off my sterile gloves and Lisa is finishing everything up. A lovely vet. nurse from the UK, Michelle, showed up and did the anastesia for Bee, perfect! She kindly took this photo of me in the surgery -until now I havn’t got a photo of me during the operations, so it’s good to show that I’m actually participating in them -not just downloading these pictures from the Internet!

Lisa also has 2 other cancer patients nearby one of the 7-elevens on Koh Chang. They are street dogs, but the employees at the 7-eleven know them and help to keep the dogs calm during chemotherapy.

“Tail girl”, another cat patient. Her tail was run over by a car and the owner took her to the Thai vet. on White Sand Beach and she amputated it but left the bone sticking out so Lisa had to re-do it. Now we’re cleaning the wound, aggregating it to make new skin grow over it and finish up putting cream on it. She feels fine and will be going home soon.
“Tam”, lives by a restaurant on Koh Chang and had an abscess on his cheek, filled up with pus. A tooth root had penetrated the skin and he has been on penicillin for 10 days to make the infection go down. Yesterday Lisa took the big tooth out made sure that there was no pus left in the abscess. He is currently revovering surgery, his cheek looks good already and he will soon be fine!
Post surgery. Tam is still very high and Lisa made him pee in the sink (to not soil his bed), I’m holding up his tail and smiling at the comical scene.
One of the patients at the clinic. 1 year old cat whom have been bitten by a couple of dogs. When she came in she had several medium-big holes and her inside had an awful infection, she smelled like she was rottening and a lot of pus was coming out. Now we’re medicating her and cleaning her 2 times a day and she looks much better. The several holes have become one big hole and one small one and new tissue is coming in. After a while Lisa will have to perform plastic surgery on poor little “Swiss cheese”, as we call her.
“See sewat” (beautiful cat, but you can’t really see her here…) came in with an infected mammary gland and although she is pretty old, her owner wanted the surgery done. Lisa removed the ‘tumor’ and is running tests on the cells. Unfortunately it has spread to the lymphatic system, and she is too old to be treated but she is recovering now and will be fine hopefully for a few more years.

Koh Chang, Thailand


We found a dog in the garden of a hotel with the worst case of Scabies (Sarcoptes Scabiei) that I have ever seen! He hardly had any fur left and his body was covered with bleeding wounds with pus. We asked the hotel staff how long he'd been walking around, completely depressed, like this and they answered "6 months". Oh my.


It was so awful that I could feel my heart break. He looked at us and wondered if we wanted to pet him but he understood that we wouldn't, like nobody had for such a long time. This sickness is not only a hell for the dog due to the urge of needing to scratch all the time and all the infected wounds, but it depraves is of every joy a dog has. No love, no caressing, no interaction with other dogs, no one feeds it, and he's too weak to find food himself.

We asked the staff if they could give us a lift to a fog clinic if we paid for the treatment. They were delighted to, since they too felt sorry for the dog. We tried to lure him in with food and tender words but he distrusted humans too much.


So finally we were 8 people who tried to catch him, terrified he tried to bite us all, but then one of the Thai guys managed to put string around his snout. I felt bad for him, but we had to get him in the car. If only we could have explained everything to him...

On our way in to town to find an animal clinic, me and Samuel started looking up places on the Internet and found a Animal project center where a veterinarian helps dogs, cats etcetera for free. She survives on donations and volunteering. We set off for that place! www.kohchanganimalproject.org
I had him in my lap and looked at his infected skin. He barely had any fur left on his body and had developed “elephant skin” on major parts. He had lots of wounds that were bleeding and had pus coming out of them, I got some of it on my tunic. The stench was almost unbearable, I felt dizzy and almost threw up. Poor little Pluto (we named him in the car)! I will most likely get scabies from him, but in humans it only survives 3 weeks and with medicin I will be cured very quickly.
I am sorry to report that our little friend Pluto had to be euthanized. He was in to bad condition, it was too late...

Hunting for tusks...

The killing and explotation of animals continues in Thailand!


This elephant was found brutally killed and the tusks were removed. If you travel to Thailand -please make sure that you don't support any of these groups who take advantage of animals and use them purely for money making business!


You can find the whole article here:


Tourist elephants

Behind the scenes...
Do not give money to those who profit from elephants in captivity! These animals are the modern slaves.

Awful government mass sterilization

February 2012


Investigating a mass sterilization in Thailand. They didn't want anyone to know what was going on and that they were doing it wrong...


While I was working as a vet. assistant at the veterinarian clinic in Thailand, the vet. Lisa got a phone call that the government paid vet. students (and teacher) had set up a tent by one of the temples and were grabbing stray dogs and cats for sterilization and nutering.

The problem is that every time they do this (a yearly thing I think) they are doing it outdoors in the dirt!! I got extremely upset and Lisa told me that there wasn't anything I could do about it, she had been reporting them and fighting the whole thing for years.

But I still went there to take photos and ask questions.

 I beg all of you people who go to Thailand for vacation (and other countries where this likely occurs) -please stand up for these poor animals!

Dogs were lying around everywhere, whimpering with pain. No painkillers and no one to look after them when they wake up, terrified, and confused by the pain and the fact that they still are "high" an can't walk.

The wounds of the cuts were badly sewed and will cause a lot of pain and infection to the dogs.

After seeing this massacre I felt it would have been much more humane to have euthanized the dogs instead. But these people pretend that they are doing good.


 These two were still asleep, but terrified street dogs all around them were waking up, with no painkillers, and badly sewed up wounds, wondering what the hell happened to them. Does this sound like well treated dogs to the Thai government?!

The only thing you have to do is show your discontent for how things are being done! And report it to the tourism police as a disturbing matter!

If everyone passing by lets them know that what they are doing is dangerous and animal cruelty, they eventually have to stop!
Suggest fund raising as an option to be able to pay for sterile operation locations etcetera.


I hurried down there and made sure none of them were dogs that Lisa had already done, and therefor they would be cutting open a dog for no reason!

I just went there and took a lot of photographs, they tried to stop me but I just went straight in to their enclosed corner of the garden. If they do try to stop you if you ever encounter them -ignore them and continue taking photos (also of the person telling you to leave). If what they're doing is good -why wouldn't you be able to inspect the operation?


They cut them open, digged around for the ovaries and pulled out more insides than was really needed (if they had known what they were doing), cut the the ovaries off and stuck everything back in. All of this was done in a dirty backyard! No sterile gloves, instruments or drapings. These digs will have serious problems with secondary infections, all of them will suffer a lot and most of them will die.

I asked them repetedly about the dirty environment and that they have to make it sterile next time -if they don't have enough money -they can't do this sort of surgery!
They just laughed it off by saying they give the dogs antibiotics.


First of all, that shouldn't be necessary, and isn't sure to fight off these upcoming complications. Second of all -he was lying. Maybe he will give them one injection which will last 3 days -but then what? 3 days of antibiotics is only going to cause more trouble, without helping the dog at all. The dogs are street dogs and will run away from this 'slaughter' as soon as they are able to walk, plus that this "team" will be moving on to the next place the next day and continue performing this animal cruelty next to a lot of different temples around Thailand.
The things you don't know about different countries idiotic ideas...


He is starting up on a new patient -with the same bloody gloves from the previous patient!!
Horror is not word enough.


I was trying to make them understand that they have to have a sterile environment for this kind of surgery. Not on dirty trash bags with the same non sterile gloves for all the dogs and cats...


I am boycotting Thailand.
I reported what I've seen to the police and told the tourist police that this upsets tourists a lot and you should fund it to be in a sterile place, not outside on filthy trash sacks. I asked them to please keep an eye on the dogs, feed them and call a vet. if they start to feel sick etcetera.


Just wakening up after her "operation", in February 2012...
When Lisa found her (the same dog) in March 2012... Many of the dogs havn't made it, the ones Lisa finds, she has to another surgery on.