Stop this madness!

The horrible consumption of cats and dogs in South Korea (and other parts of Asia) must stop!

Here is a link to a webpage where you can write a letter to the Ambassador of the republic of Korea, Choi Young-jin:


If you don't know what to write, or don't have to much time, you can copy my letter:

Dogs and cats are living beeings with feelings and they suffer tremendously when you treat them in the way that you treat them! Living in small cages, sick and hungry, crammed during transport to the point that they break their necks etcetera!!

How can you do this to them? They feel pain and suffer just as you would!

They are pet and people's best friends all over the world.
If you have no heart for these animals, at least think of it in a political way -a large amount of people will boycott your country and your products -more and more each day.

Do the right thing and stop this madness!


Lots of petitions against the dog consumption!