Orangutan brothels!

The unthinkable is being done to female orangutans in Indonesia. They are being captured and used in brothels as prostitutes, where they are tied down and repeatedly raped on a daily basis.


Support organisations such as JAAN (see "Links") to help stop this madness!

Volunteer work

Cikananga Wildlife Center
Near Sukabumi, on Java, Indonesia


January 2012


They have orangutans, macaques, sunbears, crocodiles, turtles, otters, different kinds of birds etcetera. Great place! You should come and volunteer here as well.


We have paid for some food for the animals and tomorrow we are going to construct hammocks for the orangutans with the materials we bought. There is so much you can do here to help and the animals really appreciate it.


Me and Samuel volunteer worked here and socialized with and activated these intelligent orangutans brains with different play-problems.


There isn't any forest available for them to be set free in because there is so little left, due to the palm oil industry which is the biggest problem.


The exotic animals trade would like to get their hands on these two, because they could use them as a money income by selling them to a zoo, showing them to tourist for money, or putting the female in a orangutan brothel...


Dodo (the male), loved me and hated Samuel. Noni (the female) loved Samuel and hated me!

We miss them.


We also fed them, cleaned their cages, along with many other, smaller monkeys, cages.


The other monkeys were macaques who had been rescued from the disgusting money making business where they have to dance and beg tourists for money.

One of the sunbears at Cikananga Wildlife Center.

Help JAAN!

The organisation JAAN has finally succeded in making this horrible activity illeagal! After several discussion with the Indonesian government, they are finally starting to clear the streets, taking these monkeys from their "owners".


They keep them at rescue centers (such as Cikananga), try getting them healthier, have vet. check ups and then releasing them into safe forests.

If you see monkeys like this -contact www.jakartaanimalaid.com and alert the nearest police office! Do not give them any money or try to buy the monkey!

Sponsors needed!

I am looking for one or a few people who would like to adopt Dodo and Noni, who can pay they're annual food supply etc.


All the money will go directly to these two beautiful orangutans, and no one else -I will see to it and send you proof of how every nickel you donated was spent.

It breaks your heart to see these magnificent animals in a cage. But they were rescued from a cruel owner who had these two in a small cage for several years.



Now they have a really big place with two compartments and a lot of ropes and swings. They get good food but there is need for more money to provide them with different types of food (that is more expansive).


This center is looking for a forest to set them free but it's very difficult in Indonesia, money, politics and corruption is the problem as usual...


Cikananga's webpage:



Me with one of the macaques, a baby one who was so frightened she only allowed one or two people around her. I could feel how she was missing her mom, she kept holding on to me with all her fingers...
Preparing food for the animals. They like all sorts of fruit (banana, mango, papaya, mandarins, pineapple etc.), crickets, rise, honey, nuts, some like fish and egg. They have individual tastes, just like us.