Play with me!
The stray dogs of Istanbul are wonderful! Don't hesitate to give them some love...
Why buy a dog when there are millions of beautiful ones you could adopt...?
Street dogs in Kathmandu, Nepal. So cuddly and friendly! Don't forget to give them some food!
Pokhara, Nepal.
Feeding a little puppy in Laos.
Up in the Himalayas.
Getting to know me...
My little baby in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Samuel with one of the fantastic dog in Pokhara, Nepal.
Beautiful dog by the lake of Pokhara, Nepal. Why breed so many new dogs and buy them from a kennel when there are millions of wonderful dogs all around the world who need a home..? Don't worry -you can find puppies too! No quarantine needed within Europe (or even when traveling Asia-Europe etc.).
Super cute stray dog in Thailand



- Jenny Hutton Brissman