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Meet your meat!


This is where your meat is coming from. This is not an exception, this is the 4th largest industry farm in the US.

Keep living in denial or take a look at this video, which is just one of thousands...



An example of a rabbit farm, this one in Australia. An example of a rabbit farm, this one in Australia.


The swedish clothing company LINDEX has Angora jumpers in their new autumn collection.


Most people don't reflect about where angora comes from, but it comes from rabbits (a breed called Angora) and these rabbits are either killed and skinned or shaved. I've spoken to the contact person at LINDEX in Stockholm about this and she seemed somewhat surprised by the question whether this was real fur or not. She got back to me, telling me that it was 70% real angora fur, and that she thought that the rabbits were shaved, not killed.


I explained that even if they are shaved, the condition in which farmed animals live in are so poor that it is awful to have this kind of fur among their clothing! She assured me that the company had a strict animal rights point of view and that they don't import anything if they suspect that animals are being hurt. She was sure that this rabbit farm in China took good care of the rabbits. With this sentence my patience ended and I told her, abruptedly, that No rabbits on farms have a good life. They are cramped into cages and live a miserable life, especially in China! She quickly said that she doesn't know whether the farm was in China or not and that she will find out how they treat the rabbits. I asked her why they didn't already know all about the farm and how the rabbits were treated, if they, as she claimed, were so concerned about animal rights issues?


She seemed a bit worried about who I was and what I was representing. I told her that I was a normal citizen that cared about how animals were treated. Call this number and tell them that you do not approve of rabbit furs in their stores!


00 46 (0)20-57 05 80 


She promised to contact me with a full rapport of the farm and the life quality of the rabbits. I will keep you all posted!




She contacted me the day after, assuring me the rabbits had a good life on the farm, and they were shaved. She couldn't answer in what country the bunny farm was located nor the name of it, but I'm sure they are all being pet with love and living a great life... Ehh? Which moron would believe that?!

Don't buy ANY fur EVER. Or at leat don't buy it telling yourself that you think the animals had (or have) a good life. THEY DIDN'T and they DON'T.


Please -always object if you suspect that any animal abuse might have been taken place! Talk to the manager, call the head office, speak up! The animals can't do it themselves. Thank you.



 July 2012


Petition to Adidas:

Please sign this petition if you want adidas to stop using kangaroo skin for their shoes. Personally I think they should stop using any animal skin, but one step at a time...


Stop using kangaroo leather!



February 2012


Foul play! Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder (which have been on PETA's list of companies that don't test cosmetics on animals for decades) have, without notifying their customers or PETA, been secretely paying for tests on animals, ordered by the Chinese government so they can market their products in China.


Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder have now been downgraded to PETA's "do test" list.


"Avon, Estée Lauder, and Mary Kay have regressed a generation: Their products are once again being dripped into rabbits' eyes and smeared onto animals' abraded skin," says PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. "Fortunately, consumers don't have to backslide with them—we can still choose to purchase products from the more than 1,000 companies on PETA's list of companies that do not test on animals."


PETA is financially supporting the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (www.IIVS.org) to promote the Chinese government's acceptance of non-animal testing methods that are in wide use in the U.S. and the E.U.

IIVS can be an alternative for companies that wish to market in countries where tests on animals are required.

Sök på märken och företag som inte testar på djur!


I Europa är det olagligt att testa kosmetiska produkter på djur, även att importera produkter som testats på djur i utlandet. Men det hindrar ju inte större företag att bedriva forskning på djur i ett annat land, och sedan använda den forskningen som en utgångpunkt för att sedan använda andra ingredienser i hud- och sminkprodukterna i Europa.


Organisationen PETA har listor på vilka som har skrivit på avtal om att de INTE testar på djur:





Även denna sida:

Smink och hudvård som inte testats på djur:


Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC...

"As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together."
~Isaac Bashevis Singer

Small LIVING turtles are being sold as souvenirs in China! In small plastic bags where they are forced to live enclosed all their lives. The seller says they live 1-3 months, they slowly suffocate to their death!

Industry farming =almost all of the world's farming

Factory farming isn't about feeding people -it's about money.


$140 billion-plus a year industry occupies nearly a third of the planets land and shapes ecosystems.


A total collapse will occur. 1/10 of the big fish (like Tuna who people are so fond of eating) will be left within 50-100 years.

July 28th 2012


AAA Breaking News! 2.30am +7GMT

Thai coalition forces between Thai Navy Border Patrol [Mae Khong River], Riverine Naval Station of Nakorn Phanom Province and AAA officials arrested an International Dog Meat Trader in Ban Phang District , Nakorn Phanom Province.


The seizures included 1 of six-wheelers truck with in accounting of 77 steel cages and 1 captive. The officials estimated that there are between 750-800 dogs in this arrested but because it is in the middle of the night and the difficulty of processing, we can not confirmed on the exact number of the dogs that in custody yet. Animal Activist Alliance (AAA), Thailand.


July 2012


Animals in Alexandria zoo in Egypt are suffering and dying!

A week ago, a lioness who had been suffering from anorexia just died, and there are more animals who need help before it's too late! We have to do all we can to get the remaining animals out of that horrible zoo!


Call the Egyptian embassy in your country and explain to them how outraged you are and that this will minimize their turism if they don't help these animals right now!

Have you seen the movie "Contagion"? It's not a crazy Hollywood idea. I think it's sad though, that the film didn't present the causes for that pandemic.


If you've seen it:

Did you ask yourself WHY the virus started in the first place? If not -why aren't you contemplating this? Because it's fiction? It will become very real, just like the pandemics in history. People seem to forget very quickly...


From the book Eating Animals:

"Another pandemic is coming. All countries will be affected. Widespread illness will occur. Medical supplies will be inadequate. Large numbers of deaths will occur. Economic and social disruption will be great. WHO (World Health Organisation) suggests a "relatively conservative" estimate of 2 - 7,4 million deaths if bird flu jumps to humans and becomes airborne (as swine flu, H1N1 did).


The concern is not only bird flu or swine flu or whatever-comes-next, but the entire class of zoonotic (animal-to-human or vice versa) pathogens -especially viruses that move between humans, chickens, turkeys and pigs.


Any talk of pandemic influenza today cannot ignore the fact that one of the greatest health threats before us today has everything to do with the health of the world's farmed animals, birds most of all."

Google vivisection.


Don't you think it's time to stand up for all the suffering animals in the world by now?

This is so disturbing that you wonder how it can be legal. But this is how the world treats animals.


Always choose products that are not tested on animals!

Not only just the final product, but also each ingredient.

Do you want to become a Olympic champion?


Frederick Carlton "Carl" Lewis (born July 1, 1961) is an American former track and field athlete, who won 10 Olympic medals including 9 gold, and 10 World Championships medals, including 8 gold. His career spanned from 1979 when he first achieved a world ranking to 1996 when he last won an Olympic title and subsequently retired.


Lewis is vegan. Lewis credits his outstanding 1991 results in part to the vegan diet he adopted in 1990, aged thirty. He has claimed it is better suited to him because he can eat a larger quantity without affecting his athleticism and he believes that switching to a vegan diet can lead to improved athletic performance.









Sätt press på företagen!


Jag har haft diskussioner med L'Oreal på deras Facebook sida (L'Oreal Paris Sverige), kolla gärna där. De hävdar att de inte testar på djur, enligt den Europeiska lagen, men andra källor menar att de visst testar på djur.


Jag tror att de kringgår denna lag genom att, som jag beskrivit i andra inlägg, bedriva forskning på djur i andra länder. Just denna fråga svarar de heller inte på utan kringår det hela genom att hänvisa till EU lagen och be en kontakta Customer Servic där drillade personer vill dribbla bort "den lättlurade konsumenten".


L'Oreal vill heller inte skriva på PETAS avtal, vilket är mycket mystiskt...

Animal fact

During a demented experiment most rhesus monkeys consistently chose to suffer hunger rather than take a food reward at the expense of electroshock to a fellow monkey.


When given the option of getting a food reward or taking altruistic action, many lab rats choose to push the lever that stops the torment of their fellow rat, especially when they
know the other rat. Wish the same could be reported for human subjects in similar experiments.


Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is:

"Because the animals are like us." Ask the experimenters why it is morally OK to experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are not like us." Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.
~ Professor Charles R.Magel