To see restaurants, cafés and shops that serve vegetarian and vegan food, in the city that you're visiting or living in -check out the great website
They also have an awesome app that shows you the nearest places to where you're at!

New York

Vegan pancakes. Brunch at V-note, Upper East side.
Vegan chocolate and carrot cake (NYC best!). Peacefood.
Beet salad with vegan ricotta at Butcher's Daughter.
Peanut butter/chocolate cake. Candle Café west.
Vegan tiramisú and carrot cake at V-note, 1522 1st Ave.
Tofu tenders, kale salad at Sacred Chow, Sullivan St.
Vegan pesto ravioli, scallopine and chocolate ganache. Blossom Restaurant.
Vegan peanut butter bomb and chocolate cake from Vegan Treats. You can find their desserts at; Vegetarian Paradise 2, Loving Hut etc.
Spectacular vegan sushi at Beyond sushi. E.14th St.
Brunch (vegan waffles and french toast). Sacred Chow.
Vegan Korean food at Franchia Café, Park Av.
Desserts at Caravans of Dreams, 405 E.6th St.
Vegan brunch. Candle 79 on E.79th Street.
Raw pineapple cheesecake. At Rockin' Raw on Sullivan St.
Vegan Chocalate ganache cake at Butcher's Daughter.
Raw key lime pie at Peacefood café, 41 E.11th st.
Vegan "chicken parmiggiana" at Peacefood café downtown.
Raw desserts at Quintessence, E.10th st.
Vegan strawberry shortcake and Ginger latte. Peacefood.
Vegan dinner at Zen Palate.


Amazing vegan burgers at Krowarzywa.
Desserts at Veg Deli.
Middle Eastern food at the sister restaurants Marrakesh and Tel-Aviv.


Hermans trädgårdscafé, Fjällgatan 23B, near Slussen.
Organic Green Café, Rehnsgatan 24.
Wok with vegan beef and vegetables at home!


Some of the food and dessert from Raw Garden -the best restaurant in Riga!


Raw food&desserts at Raw 42.
Some of the nice vegan options at Vegafé.


Vegan lunch at Estravagario.