Swine flu. Caused by the meat industry.

Influenza (flu)

Have you seen the movie "Contagion"? It's not a crazy Hollywood idea. I think it's sad though, that the film didn't present the causes for that pandemic.


If you've seen it:

Did you ask yourself WHY the virus started in the first place? If not -why aren't you contemplating this? Because it's fiction? It will become very real, just like the pandemics in history. People seem to forget very quickly...


From the book Eating Animals:

"Another pandemic is coming. All countries will be affected. Widespread illness will occur. Medical supplies will be inadequate. Large numbers of deaths will occur. Economic and social disruption will be great. WHO (World Health Organisation) suggests a "relatively conservative" estimate of 2 - 7,4 million deaths if bird flu jumps to humans and becomes airborne (as swine flu, H1N1 did).


The concern is not only bird flu or swine flu or whatever-comes-next, but the entire class of zoonotic (animal-to-human or vice versa) pathogens -especially viruses that move between humans, chickens, turkeys and pigs.


Any talk of pandemic influenza today cannot ignore the fact that one of the greatest health threats before us today has everything to do with the health of the world's farmed animals, birds most of all."

Shape up, schools!






I think it should be obligatory in school to learn about industrial meat and the consequenses of eating animals.


I will start by talking to schools in Sweden to make them comence informing students about farm factoring and the cruelty it's inflicting on animals (and humans) and the problems it's causing to the planet. Advocate vegetarism or (even better) veganism!


Wy don't we get informed about what the meat industry is young to animals, people and our planet!? It's insane, and just a cover up for this profit industry!


From the book The Omnivore's Dilemma:

"The meat industry understands that the more people know about what happens on the kill floor (in the slaughterhouses), the less meat they're likely to eat Eating industrial meat takes almost a heroic act of not knowing, or forgetting. One has to forget not only THAT animals are killed, but HOW."

Industry farming =almost all of the world's farming

Factory farming isn't about feeding people -it's about money.


$140 billion-plus a year industry occupies nearly a third of the planets land and shapes ecosystems.


A total collapse will occur. 1/10 of the big fish (like Tuna who people are so fond of eating) will be left within 50-100 years.

Meet your meat!

This is where your meat is coming from. This is not an exception, this is the 4th largest industry farm in the US.

Keep living in denial or take a look at this video, which is just one of thousands...




Don't buy certain brands dog food.