Ani =animals. Amore =love.

My name is Jenny Hutton.

I travel the world and wherever I go, I try to make a difference for the animals there.


give them food, clean them a little and check for wounds or signs of sickness. If we find an animal who has a serious disease or is hurt -we locate a near by rescue center or volunteer organisation and bring the animal to them.


But most important -I give them LOVE! So many of them just long for some kindness and a little caress. They are so used to get kicked around and looked at as garbage.


I also try to influenze the local people by informing them about specific types of animals in their surroundings, explaining how you easily can interact with them in a good way etc.

It works!

In many poor countries, tourism is the main income and if all the tourist frown upon bad treatment of animals, and say no to keeping exotic animals in captive to make a profit -that country will change its ways. We have the power -don't ever hesitate to make your voice heard!

I started this organization to bring people together, and to inform eachother with news, knowledge and also share our travels and photos of animals.


This organisation is for those who want to make a difference in 

the world towards better animal treatment!

AniAmore =love for animals.

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Non profit organization
registered in Sweden since 2011.

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